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As leading UK-based travel and tourism company, have a number of clients. Usually, we organize the big family trips and business tours for the clients, and make sure them that it will be the best mesmerizing tour of their life. We take care of every aspect of our client’s tour, which includes hospitality, transport, food, shopping, meeting, conferences, etc. Once, our client trip to Europe for some business conference. Over there, due to the negligence of the reserved hotel staff, clients suffered from discomfort accomodation and bad food quality, which really disappointed them.

Once they are back from their official trip, they share their experience with us, and put all the blame on our services. Client mentions this trip disaster and shared it online, as well as make a complaint against us and file a court case. As gossip spread quickly online, this news spread all over the internet. People start discussing the case on the internet, and shared their feedback, which creates a very bad impact on my business. Taking advantage of the situation, my reveals start comment about my company and services. Streaming with the situation, many people started blaming us and use abuse words for company employees, and lodge various complaints against us. This accident effect very badly on the online reputation of my business. My company lost many big projects and faced huge lose.

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