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Complaints & review management is the process of identifying, tracking and responding to customer reviews posted online related to your product, services or business. All it takes is a disappointed employee, your business competitor or simple a unhappy customer to damage your online reputation by posting something negative about your business online. Bad reputation harms your sales & business revenue likewise.
SynapseIndia’s reputation management professionals have developed an innovative strategy to deal with such negative brand mentions before they go spread in public and harm your brand image. Our experienced professionals also encourage genuine customers write good reviews about your business online.

Team efficiently plan out and execute effective brand management strategies and ensures to protect your business image from getting hampered. All in all, our capable are good enough to save your business from negative online reviews and help your business in achieving a good name in its niche industry.

Your customers & clients are empowered to write online reviews about your business, whether you say them or not. However, people have been often found to write something negative more than positive. SynapseIndia’s complaints & reviews management team helps businesses worldwide to get recovered from a negative online reputation and maintain a solid business presence online.