A successful eCommerce site depends upon the fact how effectively you can manage your products or services and push your customers to purchase one or two of them. Ethically, as a store owner, you can operate three major product relations: up-sells, related products and cross-sells. Let us make the concepts a bit more clear to you assuming that you own an e-boutique that sells cloths.


Up-sells: This refers to the items that a customer is willing to buy, apart from the ones he/she is viewing. For instance, if your customer is viewing a T-shirt, an up-selling item can be another T-shirt from a different brand, of some other color or fabric. Mostly such products appear on the product info page. This has proved to be beneficial for merchants, as your customers can end up buying a expensive product than the one he/she was viewing earlier.

Related Products: These products refer to the items that can be projected in relation to the products that your customers are viewing. For example, if anyone is looking for a formal shirt, a matching tie or belt or a set of cufflinks can be termed as “related items”. This also encourages customers to purchase more than they intended.

Cross-sells: These products refer to the items that provoke users to make a purchase on impulses. These products are to be appeared on the payment or shopping cart pages, not necessarily related to the items that a customer has purchased, these can be anything ranging from newspapers, pens or stationary items.

Experts from SynapseIndia reviews team would suggest you to ask your Magento developer to make the necessary changes to employ the above suggested elements on your e-store for better results.