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Web application development is a dynamic field which is constantly evolving. Newer and better platforms for development are coming up on a monthly basis nowadays. In the year 2001 Microsoft released SharePoint which today is one of the most popular platforms for web application development. SharePoint basically is a browser based collaboration which is mainly associated with document management.

It is one of the most widely used web development platforms there is. Initially SharePoint was mainly used for Intranet documents and content management. But as time went by more and more applications on SharePoint were developed. Today SharePoint development is a vital part of the IT industry. Today SharePoint is being used to host websites which can share documents and a large amount of workspace.

SharePoint Applications:

Today SharePoint is used for a wide range of purposes. Mainly it can be used to provide intranet portals, collaborations, extranets, social networks, document and File Management. One of the Major advantages of SharePoint is that by default SharePoint has a MS office like interface, since it’s a Microsoft product. Also it runs well on all windows platforms. This is a major advantage because maximum people nowadays like to work on windows.

sharepointIt provides dynamic web tools which are extremely useful for non technical Users. SharePoint is an open product; two of its versions come absolutely free. But for advanced level works Microsoft Also releases Premium Versions with Additional functions. In their ‘OFFICE 365’ platform a cloud service edition of SharePoint is also present which makes it very popular among web developers.

The main Outcomes were: ‘Sites’, ‘Communities’, ‘ Content’, ‘Search’, ‘Insights’ and ‘Composites’. A major advantage of all the new versions of SharePoint is the ‘ribbon user-interface’ which is great for manipulating Data, Page Editing and adding functionality to the Sites.

Evolving Features in SharePoint:

Newer versions of Microsoft office are integrated with Windows SharePoint and can be worked on simultaneously. Incorporation of the accessibility checker helps web developers in many ways allowing them to address the accessibility issues related to a website, believe experts from SynapseIndia reviews team. Also newer versions of SharePoint allow the inclusion of Discussion boards which allow participants of any web site to converse on a particular topic.

Few of the most popular SharePoint apps are Quick Launch 2010, Twitter Webparts, Filamente, Jungle Doc, etc. The filament is a SharePoint Client for iPad, iPhone and other iOS devices. The SharePoint farm is configured with Azure account allows the provision of Azure apps when needed. Nowadays top class SharePoint developers are providing you with web designing solutions at affordable prices.