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Ever since the time Web came in came into existence, it has been rapidly evolving and growing. The embracing of new technology and reinvention of interactivity has been a key attribute of web development. The resurgence of UX based web development has ushered in a new era of interactive features that goes into making the best possible user experience on the web. Last couple of years were pretty exciting where best of trends were incorporated to make the web world an enriching experience. So what exactly are the trends that ruled the web world this year?

The infographic here can help you understand them better:


Use of creative navigation has been a foal point as websites tend to provide users with a brilliant story telling experience. This has certainly led to a burgeoning use of UX centric web design which surely has been a refreshing change. Website home pages normally nowadays provides chunks of information about the business aesthetics which might be a selling point. But effective nevertheless.

But, the most important advent that changed web designing upside down is – HTML5, believe experts from SynapseIndia reviews team. It has certainly paved the way for being super interactive in web design, taking much sheen off the good old Flash. CSS3 has also evolved as a preferred web platform owing to vast improvement in its latest version which in turn is becoming beneficial for recent day website owners.