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Ever since this phenomenon of online shopping has emerged, people now prefer more to buy things online rather than accessing regular shopping modes. From cloths to car, hat to house, books to buying tickets are all can be done through online portals. To hold on to such demands and popularity of eCommerce in mind, the web development companies have to keep themselves abreast of everything new that is hitting the industry.

eCommerce has actually weaved itself very deeply with the mobile industry. For the obvious reason  that smartphones have become an integral part of urban life these days. With the help of iOS 6 and Android 4.4 KitKat, the features you can enable in the customer assisted app are endless, starting from basic tools like using the camera for barcode scanning to doing a virtual makeover for customers.

eCommerceAlong with the above assisted scenarios, some growth in advance website browsing on mobile and iPad in retail eCommerce is massive. Features including compare prices with other retailers by scanning the product, self checkout, and payment wallet, store card/loyalty as an app, GPS-enabled advertising on digital screen in store and the likes will be common in couple of years.

Coming to the social media sector, the popularity of Facebook, Twitter are going on increasing day by day. Consumers can instantly share, like products with friends and public to influence and brand the company. It is the easiest way to advertise the brand and product in low cost and reach out a huge audience. eCommerce website development companies are holding on to such platform to integrate their service and product with social sites like Facebook, Twitter blogging etc.

Another development that catches every ones attention is advanced personalization – that’s what experts from SynapseIndia reviews team believe. Like all recommended items based on past buying behavior will no longer meet your requirements. As they always want new product recommendations based on what will improve their lives, rather than what they already own.

Web designers are developing more advanced algorithms to meet the needs of online shoppers through suggesting slight behavior changes. What makes for an even interesting study is that the new age web developers are giving added importance to concepts of information architecture.