Something that has been here for 10 years now, has to have a value-associated. Being one of the most respected enterprise solutions from the house of Microsoft, SharePoint has been a strong business booster for quite some time now. More than 10 years to be precise!

The Power of Performance:

Some interesting facts might reveal SharePoint’s real authority. If SharePoint would have been a separate entity without any Microsoft connection, it would have been listed in the world’s top 50 software hubs. More than 125 millions licenses have been sold to more than 65k customers. Also, SharePoint is the first business to reach $1 billion mark. Throughout the world there are more or less 700,000 developers working on this robust platform. SynapseIndia complaints handling team says, all these points going towards a basic thing and i.e. SharePoint application development is here to stay.

Merger Infographic_v11_062412The Data Dependency:

As a data management system Microsoft SharePoint is very much famous. Most of the enterprise houses make use of this system for handling their valuable data in the most efficient way.  As per the survey done by ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group) the total volume of data associated with SharePoint based on number of users has been recorded to be in between 88% to 30% for houses with user base in between 100 to 1000 and the system size being less than 1TB.

In another survey, it is seen that annual growth rate of the total volume of data associated with SharePoint is 57% for places with less than 100 users. All these data highlights only one fact and i.e. most of the SMB’s are making use of the SharePoint and trend shows they will keep continue doing that.

Know Whom to Rely Upon:

Just spending money and few hours of research and reviews to find the cheapest quotation might land you in grave situation. If there is any sort of SharePoint Development related work you must formulate a plan to go ahead with the searching strategy or if you are thinking about direct hiring you must be Knowledgeable about the skills to look for in the applying candidate.

Primarily make sure to seek those developers who have .NET as their base. A candidate with the exposure of .NET environment and understanding of C# is most welcome. If you are looking to develop any SharePoint application here are some of the prime areas that you must keep your eyes open over while selecting a team of developers or a dedicated developer for your project. SynapseIndia Reviews team believe that, a genuine pick must have these.

  • Total authority over various parts of Microsoft SharePoint 2007/2010 development. It comprises of the workflows, web elements and customization. The command over Windows SharePoint Services, .NET Framework, MS SQL Server, Visual Studio 2008/2010, C#, ASP.Net, VB.NET, and XML has to be also there for right delivery.
  • A thorough grasp over the business supporting capacities of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010, Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 and 3.0, SharePoint Designer 2010, InfoPath 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, etc.
  • A great deal of practical know-how of SharePoint Architecture, Object Model, Shared Services, and other features.
  • Acquaintance with Visual Studio for SharePoint design requirements.
  • Content management understanding using SharePoint environment.