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An amazing fact : 172 million people alone in USA using mobile devices and 48% of them are using smartphones. Thus, this needs not to be shouted out loud that techno-savvy hand-held devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs are positioning themselves as determiners of a lot of things. With this growing popularity of smartphones, mobile marketing has also become a buzzword of this industry.

In this article we would discuss few predicted trends of mobile marketing by SynapseIndia reviews team. The discussion is relevant as marketers in this day and age are constantly on their toes, waiting for the next trend or dominant social media platform to emerge in order to take full advantage. And then, inevitably, that trend gives way to something new, seemingly overnight.

Mobile Ecommerce to Touch Newer Zeniths:

This sounds nothing less than a miracle that we have traveled from a position when mobile phones were seemed a distance reality; and now 74% of smartphone users rely on their device for real-time news and information. With the growing popularity of smartphones as well as ecommerce (both are believed to be mutually accomplishing), Apple has introduced a new feature known as Apple Passbook.

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The fact that people are largely using mobile payment methods like PayPal and Square, has pushed Apple to introduce this feature. According to experts, this feature will aid “paying from smartphone” phenomenon as well as add stars ti Apple’s iOS6’s popularity.

Facebook Nearby:

With over 1 million users across the globe, Facebook has proved all old school thoughts wrong and are devising new rules and trends. SynapseIndia reviews gang predicted that Facebook Nearby will soon be the most popular location-based functionality; and it is an inevitable as 60% of the Facebook users of the USA access their profiles from their smartphones or tablets. The momentum is rolling already.

A Focus on Mobile Analytics:

We have seen that various trends, traffic and hits analyzing tools were getting popular in 2013; and adding to this phenomenon, experts trust that marketers will also give emphasize on mobile search trends and thus mobile analytical tools will be well popular in 2014.

Passive Applications are Going to Popular:

Though social site profile handling applications are quite popular among smartphone users, but it has been seen that users find it a little hectic to post photos or videos from these applications. So 2014 may see a popularity of passive applications that help users to post images or videos on their social profiles. And our expert software development team  thinks that a single application that enables the users to post images on more than one social profiles will a be a lot more popular.


With all that speculations, it’s a proven fact that mobile marketers will have a lot to go gaga about in this year. However, time will speak best!

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